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KYIV RYSING – comprehensive investigation about Ukraine with a special focus on country’s investment potential

KYIV RYSING – comprehensive investigation about Ukraine with a special focus on country’s investment potential

article by Kyiv Strategy Consulting

The purpose of KYIV RYSING, a 325-pages fact-based book about Ukraine is to take a closer look at Ukraine and the processes in which it has been involved. The book looks back on Ukraine's past, examines the present and outlines plans for the future. Ukraine has a strong and concrete potential that can be realized through joint efforts to rebuild the country. It is essential to emphasize the diversity of business opportunities in post-war Ukraine because the times of great challenges bring great opportunities.

Ukraine's most important asset is its people determined to rebuild their lives.

KYIV RYSING represents the voice of international experts who support Ukraine and believe that the country has a bright future ahead as well as promising investment potential, and of course local stakeholders who non-stop work hard for the good of Ukraine. The list of rich in content interviews includes local and international political and military experts, representatives of various businesses and industries, associations, NGOs, domestic and international organisations, international celebrities, and ordinary people such as farmers, nurses, designers, etc.Another target of the book is to change the world's perception of Ukraine. It's no secret that all eyes of the world's media are on Russia's war on Ukraine, its aftermath, and the situation in Ukraine in general. However, most of what we see in articles and research revolves around war scenarios and weapons supply, rocket attacks and explosions, smoke and dust on the battlefield, along with enemy violence and the tragedy of the Ukrainian people. The context of current events is not always clear to both the business community and the average citizen abroad. This is especially important in the face of massive propaganda, geopolitical games, and powerful attempts to manipulate people's minds.

The role of KYIV RYSING is therefore to assume this responsibility and provide an independent view of past and current developments in order to provide insight into the main trends and prospects for the future of Ukraine. This is an ambitious undertaking and a challenge for the entire team of consultants and contributors, but it is definitely worth it. The goal of the publication is to analyse all prerequisites and provide a detailed and objective overview of Ukraine's investment potential to all stakeholders.

The book includes a brief overview of the historical circumstances that led to the war and its impact on various sectors in Ukraine and around the world. In addition to providing the public with the official figures from public sources, it also presents a primary research results and output of the survey.

Ukraine is a battlefield for the entire civilized world and deserves to remain at the forefront of the news. It is striving to realize its potential and build a new age economy. On the governmental level Ukraine guarantees a high standard of living and access to quality education and healthcare. In 2032, Ukraine will show sustained economic growth through her further integration with the EU, making the country a "magnet" for international investment.

The international community has shown remarkable solidarity in supporting Ukraine's struggle for freedom. Since March 2022, international organizations and world leaders have organized several conferences and roundtables, each aimed at developing a reconstruction plan for Ukraine. These events addressed fundamental challenges facing Ukraine and coordinated its approach to economic, humanitarian and military aid through post-war reconstruction planning.

After much discussion and extensive analytical work, the National Recovery Plan for Ukraine for 2022-2032 was developed and presented at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano on 4-5 July 2022. The conference gave insights to the country's reconstruction process, but much remains to be done to coordinate international efforts and ensure the implementation of initiatives to reconstruct Ukraine.

Ukraine has clear goals to achieve by 2032. There are plans to mobilize billions of dollars for critical social infrastructure such as schools and kindergartens with inclusiveness and high energy efficiency to provide convenient public services for all people in Ukraine. The implementation of transparent construction practices and the development of ambitious real estate projects will allow Ukraine to not only provide temporary housing for displaced persons (until the end of hostilities in frontline areas), but also fully modernize existing housing infrastructure. It will also increase the transparency of investment practices and increase the number of new real estate and infrastructure investors attracted from abroad.

Foreign investors have the opportunity to become long-term partners of Ukraine by investing in the Ukrainian real estate sector, especially in residential and social infrastructure redevelopment programs. As of July 2022, Ukraine estimates the need for new housing at around 18.4 million m2 due to demolition. Excluding new homes, 23.6 million m2 of homes need major renovations. The goal of building such an amount of new real estate is ambitious for both Ukraine and its partners and will take many years to achieve. It's one of the government's priorities. The pace of recovery in the construction industry is therefore likely to be faster than that of the economy in Ukraine. Strong financial support from partners and EU regulation will help the real estate industry recover. Within the estimated high growth scenario 1, the plan to build 18.4 million m2 of new housing could be achieved in 2025.

At the same time “New age Ukraine” will be shaped largely by its ability to withstand potential risks. According to the National Recovery Plan, the assessment of Ukraine's $750 billion investment potential is highly conditional due to numerous military, internal and external risks that could delay or hinder the implementation of the projects it contains. with. Depending on the probability and severity of these risks, there are different scenarios for Ukraine's future development. These scenarios define the real investment potential of Ukraine and the attractiveness of the country for investors. The Ukrainian government does not have the power to influence the objective situation, but implements important institutional reforms, develops incentives for investors and promotes Ukraine as a "magnet" for investments worldwide. Country’s existing and potential international partners shall focus on projects in sectors with the highest growth potential and ROI to navigate difficult recovery situations.

The post-war recovery of the Ukrainian economy presents a wide range of opportunities for the public and private sectors, but without many risks and unpredictable conditions that can pose serious obstacles to the implementation of planned projects and initiatives. When making management decisions for individual projects, corporate and public sector leaders must thoroughly analyse risks and benefits to use resources efficiently and achieve expected results. Kyiv Strategy Consulting, the author of KYIV RYSING has the competencies and expertise to help decision-makers navigate post-war Ukraine's challenging business environment and maximize the economic and social impact of each project.

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